Tim Mason Brings the Heat to Electric Beach


The Summer sun may have given way to the colder nights of Autumn but, Electric Beach served up another party so hot, I thought it was July. Santos Party House is a SoHo venue with a great sound system and an amazing feeling of intimacy. The DJ booth is one of the smallest I’ve ever seen, and I think keeping the DJ by himself is a great thing, because it lets the artist concentrate on engaging the audience.The night started with young-gun Dalton putting on a minimal electro set that was a phenomenal way to open up. Understanding that it’s up to him to prime the crowd, but not steal the show; Dalton shied away from playing any big name bangers, instead keeping the beats steadily flowing and getting people moving as the club filled up. He teased with huge build-ups, and some minimalist drops, really giving the crowd some aural foreplay before the star of the night took to the decks.

When Tim Mason threw his headphones on he didn’t make sweet love to his crowd, he gave it to ‘em hard and raw. With the sound system knocking so hard I watched a glass rattle off the table, Mason banged out a set that mixed his own music with (mostly) new hot tracks, all while showcasing his true DJ’ing ability. Signed to Size Matters by Mescal Kid Steve Angello, it’s not much of a surprise that Mason is the real deal both producing and scratching. The Santos crowd loved him too, pressing the space around the DJ booth, springing loose only when he let the beat drop.

Mason kept the vibe light and airy with his progressive style, but the beats came hard and the bass was in steady supply. While his own songs like Anima certainly aren’t lacking for punch, it was his mixing of tracks like “Who” by Tujamo and Plastik Funk with the Nari and Milani mix of “Brohammer” that kept the crowd going wild. More than just song selection, Mason’s tweaks and touches on the decks made what he did into a true performance that connected with a crowd that was almost close enough to get their hands on him. After playing songs like the Knife Party dub of “Antitdote”, he would mix notes from the track back in, fashioning an incredible set out of a series of great songs. Tim Mason said in Elektro Magazine that Electric Beach was one of his favorite parties and after watching him rock Lafayette street I gotta say I agree.

All I can say is Mat Zo better bring his A-game this Saturday, the 6th for this New York Debut ‘cause the Electric Beach crowd knows how to make waves.